Hair Styling Tips and Hair Care From VIP House Of Hair

Hair Styling Tips and Hair Care From VIP House Of Hair
If you are fortunate enough to have thick hair but unfortunate that it tangles, you are not alone. Hair styling and hair care issues can cause some women to have many sleepless nights. But girls, most of us have some type of hair issues and there is usually something that can be done to improve the situation. Check out VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon for the expert tips to help you best care for your hair.

Easily Detangle Your Hair

If you have ever had small knots in tangled hair you know how painful it can be when you try to comb your hair. Whilst we can’t guarantee you will never have a tangle again, we do recommend you using a tangle tweezer detangling brush and try the following:

  • Whatever you do, don’t wet your hair first as it will just cause it to become matted in addition to the fact that your hair is more fragile when it’s wet. Instead, gently brush your hair before you plan to shampoo it to get rid of as many tangles as possible – preferable all of them because your hair will become more tangled as you massage the shampoo into a lather.
  • At bedtime, sleep in a satin bonnet or enclose your pillow in a satin cover. This will help prevent friction between your hair and bedding and further protect your hair. You might notice it to be a little shinier too, but at the very least it won’t be a tangled mess and frizzy the next morning.

Hair Styling Tips

We always recommend having chemical treatments done by a professional hairstylist. While you may do your best to rinse your hair thoroughly, you cannot see the top or back of your head to be certain that there is no chemical residue. Having said that, if you had your hair professionally relaxed or colored, try waiting for about three days before shampooing your hair to allow the color to fully set in. Then make sure you are using products that are specifically formulated for the type of chemical treatment you had done.

During your hair service appointment, your stylist will recommend the best products for if. If not, please don’t hesitate to ask her so that you can purchase it from our beauty supply store before you leave the appointment.

We know you want to show off your new do, but be careful to protect your hair color from fading. You can do this by avoiding UV light from tanning beds, sea salt and pool chlorine. When you’re doing activities that involve these, add a little conditioner to your hair for an extra layer of protection.

Thinning Hair Tips

Thinning hair can be a cause emotional and psychological distress for both men and women. We all want to keep our thick mane for as long as possible, but the truth is, as we age, our hair spends more time in the resting phase and less time in the growth phase, which means it will grow slower than it did before. Of course, if you seeing more than a few strands on the bathroom floor, we recommend being proactive and see your doctor.

You can still look your best, whether your hair is thinning or you wish to protect your natural hair to give it a break from the day-to-day styling tools. Our custom made wigs allow you to maintain your beautiful appearance and you can create a look that is unique to your lifestyle.

Custom Made Wigs

There are many products on the market aimed at improving the density of your hair and encouraging hair growth – some work, some don’t. So, instead of recommending one of those products, we have some expert tips that can encourage thicker hair:

  • If your hair is already in distress, keep it loose. Avoid hairstyles that add stress such as ponytails, tight braids, buns, etc.
  • Gently brush your hair before shampooing it to avoid breakage and tangles during the lathering process.
  • Keep your hair as clean as possible and avoid heavy oils, gels and sprays to prevent drying it out and weighing it down.
  • To increase circulation, massage your scalp with your fingertips; do not use your fingernails.
  • Use a delicate drying technique when drying your hair. Use a 100% cotton town and place your hair between the towel to pat dry instead of rubbing it with the towel.

In Conclusion

Well, that’s it for now ladies. We recommend visiting us to get a refreshing shampoo and deep conditioning treatment. Our treatments are helpful in moisturizing and conditioning all types of hair and you can check out our Braid Bar!. To find out more about our treatments, book appointment, or our additional services, give us a call at (661) 723-0990.