Spring Hair Care Ideas For Afro Textured Hair Lancaster, California

Spring Hair Care Ideas For Afro Textured Hair Lancaster, California

Prepare Afro Textured Hair for Spring at VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon, Lancaster

As we usher out the chilly winter months it’s time for spring hair care ideas to get our hair in shape for the warmer months. Black hair and afro textured hair needs extra loving care, especially if your hair is breaking off, dull and dry and your scalp itches like crazy.

You made it through winter with what seems to be most of your hair intact, but there’s nothing fun about brittle, lifeless, dry strands of hair. It adds a whole new meaning to ‘bad hair day’. Even though cooler seasons can be pretty harsh on afro hair types, the good news is that you don’t have to live with unhealthy hair. I talked to a couple of our hairstylists to dish on steps to take to get your hair into tip-top condition for Spring 2018.

1. Remove Braids

Some of the most beautiful hairstyles can be created with braids. Whether you prefer tree braids, cornrows, box braids or micro braids, braids can enhance your uniqueness and provide you with a beautiful, low-maintenance hairstyle. But you need to let your hair breathe to relieve tension from the circumference around your head including your nape, temple and edges.

Janet Collection Synthetic Hair Braids 2X Mambo Tantalizing Twist Braid

Spring is a great time to allow your hair to take a break from any addition to your natural hair. But removing braids and other hair extension types can be tedious and if you’re not careful, you can damage your natural hair. Fortunately, you can leave the tedious work to us so that you don’t damage your mane. Just give us a call at (661) 723-0990 to book an appointment with one of hairstylists in Lancaster.

2. Conditioner Hair Care Ideas

At VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon, we offer a wide range of black hair care treatments that will aid in conditioning and moisturizing your hair and scalp. Our salon treatment services include a complementary scalp massage for a relaxing salon experience in addition to stimulating hair growth. We can help you select a product range and treatment services for your specific hair concern.

Our black hair care products are specifically formulated for afro hair types which work fabulously well on naturally curly, afro, natural coiled, dry and damaged hair to restore luster.

3. Natural Hair Styling Hair Care Ideas

There’s been a huge shift towards more natural hair styling for women with afro textured hair. This Spring, let your hair down and strut your natural texture. Obviously, your hair will need to be in excellent condition and perhaps hair ends attended to if you want it to look super fantastic. Book your appointment now at VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply hair salon in Lancaster or call (661) 723-0990.

In Conclusion

We kept things short and listed what our top recommended Spring hair care ideas. Whatever your hair concern or to learn more about our other services, we recommend visiting us or book an appointment by calling (661) 723-0990 and we will help you transform your hair this Spring.