4 VIP Approved Rubber Band Hairstyles

4 VIP Approved Rubber Band Hairstyles
Rubber band hairstyles the perfect choice when you’re looking for playful summer styles that’s full of fun. In addition to being pretty decorative hair accessories, they hold hair well. Not only that, but you can use them to create amazing patterns and sections in your hair.

Ponytails and puffs are simply styles that you can elevate into beautiful rubber band hairstyles. If you just had the big chop and wondering how to style your hair, rubber bands are good options.

They’re colorful and can be used to add a fun, eye-catching quality to your hair. At the same time, rubber band hairstyles are simple to create. Generally speaking, you won’t need to spend too much time doing your hair.

1. Box Braids Rubber Band Hairstyles

4 VIP Approved Rubber Band Hairstyles Box Braids

Inject vibrant colors into your hair with rubber bands. For example, add them to box braids to give your style a serious ’90s vibe. Place the elastics at different sections on on your braids. Then, add hair clips in equally bright colors to tie the whole look together. Given that they’re easy to remove, rubber bands can add versatility to your braids for a day.

2. Criss Cross Design

Criss Cross Rubber Band Hairstyles

Criss cross is another well-known hairstyle that looks good with elastic band accessories. The pattern creates an impressive look. And it also has a more playful feel than the traditional elastic hairstyles. To get the look, section either the crown, side or front of your hair into diamonds or triangles. Next, secure the hair in each section with an elastic band. After that, start at front, connecting the sectioned hair diagonally in an overlapping criss cross pattern. Finally, secure the hair in a puff, bun or ponytail.

3. High Ponytail Styled with Elastic Bands

High Ponytail Rubber Band Hairstyles

Albeit an already elegant style, rubber bands add even more personality to high ponytail hairstyles. You could use a rubber band pattern to boost a sleek, straight ponytail. Our stylist can create this fun style for you and many others. Plus, you can use your own hair or we can create the ponytail using hair extensions.

4. Pigtail Hairstyle

Pigtail Hairstyles

Embrace your curls while using elastic bands to accentuate your hairstyle. The striking difference between your hair volume and flat rubber bands will catch everyone’s attention. An ideal is to combine a criss cross pattern with your curly hair. Put your hair up in two pigtails and you’ll be Brandy’s twin.

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With the Valley heating up like every summer, our stylist can help you stay cool while still looking stylish. Book your appointment today for one of our rubber band styles. If you’re looking to do it yourself, swing by to purchase your rubber bands.

4 VIP Approved Rubber Band Hairstyles