10 Under $10 Products For Natural Hair at VIP

10 Under $10 Products For Natural Hair at VIP
Having textured hair, full of unique kinks and coils is nothing short of a blessing. Our hair is so versatile, and we can rock it in many different ways. In essence, the possibilities are endless. Even adding accessories to our hair natural hairstyle takes it to another level.

While there are tons of accessories that give our hair a unique look, they’re not always easy to find. For this reason, VIP has sort to rectify this with our 10 under $10 products for natural hair.

Accessories allow you to showcase your personality as well as showing off your natural hair. Maybe you want something simple to jazz up your holiday or birthday hairstyle. Or you need something practical to protect your style between wash days.

Whatever the reason, here are 10 under $10 products for natural hair at VIP that can help you out.

1. Hair Beads

10 under $10 products hair beads

Hair beads are remnants of West African tradition. But as with most styles and fashions, they tend to circle the globe. And so is the case with hair beads. In addition to adorning your natural hair with them, beads also have a connection to our history.

2. Head Wraps

10 under $10 products head wraps

Head wraps are not only fashionable, but they can also brighten up any outfit. Additionally, they link Black women of the West with the traditions of our ancestors. And with our cousins across the Atlantic.

3. Headbands 10 Under $10 Products

10 Under $10 Products For Natural Hair at VIP

Also referred to as ‘mini turbans’, headbands are multi-purposed. They not only keep hair strands out of your face, but they also protect the hair. Available in various materials and styles, headbands add fashion to your hair and your outfit.

4. Colorful Hair Clips

Colorful Hair Clips

Cool girls wear colorful hair clips. You can add more personality to braids or any hairstyle by jazzing it up with colorful clips. Also, choosing various combination of colors and stylishly arranging them makes your hairstyle look even more unique.

5. Pearl Hair Clips 10 Under $10 Products

Pearl Hair Clips

Pearl hair clips adds a level of sophistication to your hairstyle. Although, back in the day, pearl hair clips were only worn with formal attire. But today, they look great with many types of fashions including jeans.

6. Medium and Large Scrunchies

10 Under $10 Products For Natural Hair at VIP Scrunchies

Hairstyles that women wear with scrunchies today don’t make you feel like you’re stuck in the ’90s. But even so, scrunchies are an invaluable hair accessories. They’re super easy to put on and comes in a plethora of colors, sizes and materials.

7. Hair Rings

Hair Rings

In essence, hair rings are like adding jewelry to your hair. Whether gold or other metal, hair rings are easy to attach to braids. They’re even adjustable and you can open the loop of these hair braid by twisting opening rings.

8. Wire For Hair

Hair Wire 10 Under $10 Products For Natural Hair at VIP

Hair wire is another jewelry accessory for your hair. Wire hair wrapping is the coolest hair trend this summer. They make your hairstyle look chic. And adding several wraps of wire to different section of a high ponytail really looks elegant.

9. Letter Hair Pins

Letter Hair Pins

Letter hair pins are not only durable, but they’re also easy to wear. Obviously, statement t-shirts aren’t the only style that can speak your mind without you saying a word. In fact, these letter pins add a dash of glam to your locks.

10. Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins

If you’re using bobby pins to hold your hair, they’re meant to be used with the wavy side facing your scalp. But there’s no right or wrong way to use them when it comes to touting your own personality. Consequently, you can use them to clip your bangs down. Criss cross them for added style. Or simply to keep fly away hair in place.

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10 Under $10 Products For Natural Hair at VIP