More Hair Accessories at VIP

More Hair Accessories at VIP
We love when old beauty trends make a comeback. Particularly, the ones that remind us of our childhood. Consequently, we’re completely obsessed with hair accessories this summer. Moreover, all of the staples from our barrette box have made a stylish return. And we are here for it!

And you don’t even have to get on a wait list for these hot hair accessories. Because these hot staples are available at our VIP store, you can accessorize different looks every day. If you’re looking for effortless ways to amp up your protective styles, keep scrolling for inspiration.

Hair Accessories That’s Making A Comeback

Some of the favorite black hairstyles from the ’90s that were insanely popular then, are popular today. For example, box braids, platinum blonde hair, high ponytail, and other styles. Thus, fashionable hair accessories rose in popularity right alongside the styles.

One of the less attractive, but highly useful hair accessories is the Butterfly clip. Mostly, people with long face used it to get hair out of their face while waiting for their dial-up internet to load :).

However, it’s purpose has remained the same since. Although, some have been featured on the runway very recently. But, this blog post is about beautiful, more elegant hair accessories like the ones below.

More Hair Accessories at VIP

According to the Pinterest Hot 100 list, as millennials get older, they’re becoming more nostalgic about their childhood. But the Gen Z group is discovering Y2K culture for the first time. This means they’re adopting bits and pieces from the era, particularly fashion.

So, from barrettes to scarves, if it’s quirky, colorful, or unique like vintage hair accessories, they’re wearing it. And we’ll probably see lots more of it in the months to come.

It’s not just the Gen Z group though that’s enjoying these hair staples. Kids and adults of all ages are rocking these hair trends. Besides, if you have short hair and feel limited in your styling options, these classics can add depth. Not to mention, glamor.

Albeit really short hair is not conductive to ponytails, you can get creative with some cute adornments. In fact, you can have just as much fun with your pixie or bob as long-haired gals do with their tresses.

Swing by or call. And one of our VIP associates will gladly help guide you to the best hair accessory for your style!

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More Hair Accessories at VIP