Yelp Us: VIP Discount For Customers Loyal To Our Brand

Yelp Us: VIP Discount For Customers Loyal To Our Brand
We don’t take it likely how our products and services impact our community. And we are grateful for all of our customers who are loyal to our brand. Our Yelp page is filled with love and beautiful testimonials from our VIP Beauties.

This summer, we encourage customers who are loyal to our brand to review our products and services. And when in-store, let us know because we have something special for you!

For the month of June, we’ll have discounts on braiding hair, accessories, and extension hair. Call, swing by or DM us for more details. If either I, or any of our VIP stylists slay your ‘do, be sure to let us know and share.

Yelp Customers Loyal To Our Brand

What Makes Customers Loyal To A Brand?

Running our business with a conscience definitely has positive results. It not only garner positive working relationships, but it also is an indicator of our honesty and integrity to customers.

For our social media accounts; Facebook in particular, we respond quickly to customers questions and concerns. This is one of the things that has helped us build customers who are loyal to our brand.

We understand that social media is vital for customer service today. While many people won’t go to the effort to write a letter of complaint, they’ll definitely use social media. But it’s not just about complaints. Social can also mean you’re always available to help out customers. And VIP does just that, and it makes our customers feel like they’re part of our family.

Unfortunately, the ‘mom and pop’ store has declined over the years. However, that family mentality is still important to a lot of people. While we can’t speak to all of our customers in person, we make sure our social presence is reliable. And this lets our followers and customers loyal to our brand know that we care.

Additionally, we are experts in natural hair care and products. Our customers trust our opinions and recommendations regarding their hair and appropriate products to use. Moreover, our customers not only believe in the VIP House of Hair brand, but they also believe in its founder. This speaks volumes for the products we carry and for the founder; Rosalin Coleman.

Obviously, discounts and special offers still hold a lot of clout among consumers. At VIP, we understand that. That’s why we provide discounts to customers who are loyal to our brand. But also, provide specials to all customers. This and many other things, has helped us build a local business supported by the community.

Ultimately, our customers feel valued and know that they are getting a fair deal from their loyalty. Therefore, they have no reason to go anywhere else.

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