Why Braid Styles Are A Blessing In Disguise

Why Braid Styles Are A Blessing In Disguise
Back in the day, moms very adamant about girls wearing braid styles. We say, the time to do so has come again now. Braid styles not only look fashionable, but they’re also a blessing in disguise for your hair health.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at the reasons below. After doing so, you’ll definitely be convinced to braid up your precious mane. Or better, let our VIP braid stylists do it for you!

Why Braid Styles Are Good For Hair Health

1. It Helps Prevent Hair Breakage

Because braiding your hair strengthens it structurally, it’s an excellent protective style. In fact, a loosely-tied braid can work alongside your body’s natural process to boost hair growth.

2. Cares For Your Hair Even While You’re Asleep

Braiding your hair before bedtime can have great results. Why? Because there’s less friction produced between the tied hair and the pillow.

3. Braid Styles Keep Your Hair Nourished

Not only do braids keep your hair nourished, but it does so because they lock the moisture into the hair. And for deeper nourishment, oil the hair with one of our Mielle moisturizing products. Carol’s Daughter products or one of our other many hair moisturizers for Black hair.

4. Prevent Frizziness

You know how frizzy can make your hair look out of whack and spoil your look, right? Well, braiding can spare you the horror. In fact, the moisture-locking ability of braids can even keep frizziness and dryness at bay.

5. Controls Split-Ends

Braiding your hair before stepping out can protect it against damage from the sun and environmental elements. With less exposure to these stress-causing elements, you hair tends to stay protected, As a result, split-ends and dryness are more controlled.

With all the beautiful braid styles our stylists can create, you can look beautiful 24/7. Book your appointment today and protect your hair from the disaster of frizz and fly away.

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Why Braid Styles Are A Blessing In Disguise