What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?
Halo hair extensions are made with the same high quality hair as all of VIP’s hair extensions. The halo weft has a stretchy nylon wire attached. But there is a difference between tape and halo extensions.

Instead of clips or tape, halo hair extensions have a wire in them that holds the extensions together. And this wire is made of very strong nylon to ensure that it doesn’t break easily.

About Halo Hair Extensions

Even though this type of extension is secure, there is a misconception about how they work. Generally speaking, they’re marketed as something that just sits on top of your head. Although, technically, they do, that’s not the whole story.

Because of the misconception, many people think that this means they slip off easily. But they’re not just ‘sitting’ on your head. Instead, the wire wraps itself around the wedged area of your head, near the top of your nape. This area holds the occipital bone, which provides enough wedge for the wire to hold itself in place.

Additionally, installing halo hair extensions is easier than it looks. First, you take the wire band and place it over your head. The top part should be about 1 inch away from your hairline. But the bottom part should be at the wedged area a few inches above your nape.

Once you’ve got it in place, simply pull your real strands over the halo hair extensions. Your hair should cover the halo completely. And that’s it, you’re done! All in all, it’s an easy 2-step process.

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Who Can Wear Halo Extensions?

This extension hair is a simple method to achieve fuller, longer hair. They are suitable for those with a thin to medium hair type, and hair length longer than shoulder length. Even first-time users will find them simple enough to apply for everyday wear in just a few minutes.

If your hair is thicker, we recommend opting for our traditional hair extensions.

Because Halo comes in a standard 180g thickness, it is not ideal for those with thicker or shorter hair types. It will likely appear ‘stringy’ at the bottom if attempted to blend in these hair types.

VIP restocked on both halo and tape extensions this month. Now that you know the ins-and-out of these extensions, swing by to try it for yourself!