Vivica A Fox Bang N Pony

Bang N Pony Vivica Fox Hair Collection
Bang N Pony BP is “Ponytail Pocket Bun combined with Bang” to make it super easy to create beautiful hairstyles in just a few minutes. It looks natural and professionally done with volume and coverlet to cover weave tracks.

We bring you the four hair extensions styles from the Vivica A Fox Bang N Pony hair collection.

Bang N Pony BP-Loui


BP-Loui is a 20 inch layered strain with Yaki texture and honeycomb base, yet bumped ponytail with a Chinese bang and drawstring attachment. Its high heat resistant fiber not only curls well, but also keeps the curl longer to keep the hair looking beautiful. The fiber allows you to style it in many ways. It features a China bang which creates an exotic clean cut look for you. This two-in-one Bang N Pony makes creating ultra modern and unique looks to your styles a snap. Add it to your everyday hair extension collection to create a variety of styles and be that girl whose already ready.

Bang and Pony BP-Fendy


BP-Fendy is a 28 inch layered straight Yaki blunt fringed ends ponytail with a dome cap, swoop feathered bangs, secure combs and honeycomb base for secure attachment on your own hair. The yaki texture new Futura fiber makes it high resistant to heat for you ladies to style with curling iron or your desired styling tool to create your own unique looks and stay trendy. This bang N pony style features a 10 inch long bang that can be swept to the sides for an even chicer look. It will be a great addition to your everyday extension collection and you may decide you want to stock up!

Bang N Pony BP-Felicia


BP-Felicia Bang N Pony helps you to look fabulous without the hassle. This two-one Bang N Pony has hump for volume with Kanekalon new Futura synthetic fiber is high resistant to heat so you girls can use your favorite styling tools. The dome cap, secure combs, and honeycomb base are ideal for secure and safe attachment on your own hair. BP-Felicia is a 14 inch layered loose body curl with a China bang. It looks natural and professionally done with volume and a bang to cover your hairline. This is a “Ponytail Pocket Bun combined with a Bang” to make it effortless to create beautiful salon style within a few minutes.

Bang N Pony BP-Layla


BP-Layla Bang N Pony is a 12 inch layered Bohemian curl ponytail with blunt bang. This drawstring two-in-one hair extension with hump for volume is a perfect contrast between fun and sleek for sassy women of all ages to create trendy and unique styles that complement their personality. The heat resistant fiber making it curling iron safe to create your own high ponytail with a salon look. This chic hair extension with China bang is an easy day to night look that requires little to no maintenance and is priced to fit any budget. You can create quick and fast hair updos without the fuss and look fabulous!

Vivica A Fox Bang N Pony Hair Collection

Vivica’s Bang N Pony hair collections includes additional hair extensions such as BP-Sassy, BP-Sheena, BP-Ruth, BP-Kennedei, BP-Janae, BP-Bloom, plus five more. To purchase, find out which Bang N Pony we stock and learn more about our hair products, call (661) 723-0990 or visit our VIP House Of Hair Beauty Store in Lancaster today!

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Vivica A Fox Bang N Pony