Lay Those Stubborn Edges Down with Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges

Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges
Lay those stubborn edges down with Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges smooth styling for dry or brittle hair. The Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges is two products in one. It contains the Miracle Drops in the gel of the Miracle Edges. If you’re looking for an edge control that will add shine and moisture to your hair while sleeking it down, you should try Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges. Even the cutest natural hairstyle can be ruined by frizz on African American hair.

Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges

Miracle Edges is made for all hair types and works well on natural hair types that often refuse to cooperate. If you love the original formula of this brand, you’ll be excited to try this enhanced edge control infused with miracle drops to grow, strengthen, and lay your edges. It goes on just as smoothly as the original and has a nice hold even on the most unruly edges. But you may need to use a scarf to lay those edges down.

We’ve read various other reviews about the Miracle Edges product and noticed that it seems to works best on softer, natural hair types, and it’s got a soft hold that can last for days. It has a berry, fruity scent and unlike most edge control formulas, the ingredients in Kaleidoscope’s Miracle Edges gel (Tea Tree, Leaf Oil, Peppermint , Mentha Piperita Oil Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Extract, Ylang Ylang, Granium, and Vitamins, A,D, and E) promote hair growth and condition.

Kaleidoscope Hair Miracle Edges Product Description

Miracle Edges is not water-based, so it shouldn’t change your natural hair texture and it doesn’t flake or get crunchy on any hair type. The downside: It’s pricey and the formula, although translucent, can leave a white residue when it dries. To prevent this, use sparingly and remove excess build-up between applications.

On relaxed hair when you apply it, it can last 5-7 days. For natural hair when you apply to edges you should also apply to 1/4 inch back to get the ultimate hold and lasts 3-5 days. Hold, sculpt, flatten and smooth hair as desired. Use it as a pomade when you really want a sleek ponytail. Put a quarter size in your hand and smooth hair in place.

 100% natural
 Can be used as an edge smoother or hair pomade
 Recommended for all hair types
 Holds hair in place
 Available in 2 ounce and 4 ounce sizes
 Hair stays sleek when used as a pomade

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Lay Those Stubborn Edges Down with Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges