Virtual Proms: Is That A Thing?

Virtual Proms: Is That A Thing?
Absolutely, it’s a thing! High schoolers have turned to virtual proms to salvage at least one tradition for their Class of 2020. From the east to the west coast, educators and families are pulling together to make sure all the hard work their youth have done does not go unnoticed.

As COVID-19 keeps us all in our homes, millions of kids are missing out on one of the only things that make high school bearable: prom. But, students are seeking to remedy that.

And they are getting support.

Hair stylists, celebrities and makeup artists have joined in offering free virtual services and even financial support.

Celebrities have banned together with famous DJ’s to host virtual proms on YouTube and Instagram Live. Chance The Rapper and The Jonas Brothers had our 2020 graduates groovin’ this past month to new and old school jams.

In party dresses with colored lights flashing in their bedrooms, high schoolers have turned to virtual proms. They are making the most of their isolation and saving this right of passage.

They are also getting help from familiar brands like Jack in the Box and Teen Vogue. Both are serving as hosts to thousands of teens.

Many teens were really looking forward to prom. They had planned on going with a group of their friends. But now, they say it’s really cool they can still dress up and do everything they would do for a prom.

Check out some of our favorite virtual prom pics:

DJ Blend Masters
COVID-19 Prom
Virtual Proms
Pink Dress
Virtual Proms
Yellow Prom Dress

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