Black Lives Matter. Period

Black Lives Matter. Period
Black lives matter. All lives matter. But this year has brought about many challenges and injustices for the Black community.

First, challenging our healthcare system in an attempt to understand and grow through a worldwide pandemic.

Second, to master how to migrate through the pandemic’s economic aftershocks.

And third, to now address a system that has oppressed black men and women for hundreds of years.

Whew. That’s a lot to swallow. We know. We feel it too. The tears. Painfully watching men and women murdered on video. Feelings of helpless remorse. Men and women that look like us. And are a part of our collective. We know.

George Floyd was a father. Brionna Taylor was someone’s daughter. And Ahmaud Arbery was a student.

The list of innocent lives taken due to racism and social injustice didn’t start with them. Black lives matter and we feel anger. There’s feelings of hurt and the overdue need for justice.

However, we also see hope. Over the past weeks people have come together like never before. Together, we have challenged systematic approaches. We have influenced masses. And at VIP, we support and will continue to do our part to rename this side of our history. Because black lives matter.

VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply has donated to several organizations. Black Truce Peace Organization in St. Paul Minnesota. And Black Lives Matter Organization. Our goal is to help further the cause for social and racial reform.

We invite all VIP’s to continue having those uncomfortable conversations within your families. Plus, outside networks too. Donate to organizations or companies that promote reform on major racial and social platforms. We can do this together.

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