VIP March Braids We Love and Adore

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VIP Braid Bar is known for executing the most trending styles in the AV and LA area.

Oftentimes, customers bring in style inspiration. Sometimes we get inspiration from our files. Either way, customers always leave ready to slay for the day (and beyond).

You don’t even have to call in to book our braiders. You can conveniently request an appointment online!

Favorite Braiding Trends From VIP Braiders

For April, we wanted to hear directly from our braiders. Trending styles are constantly changing. And, who better to hear about the most popular VIP trends than these beauties themselves?

Check out favorite braiding trends from VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon braiders.

What’s Your Favorite Braiding Trend?

VIP Braider Jaime – IG @donttouchmyhair661
“My favorite trend in braiding is the Fulani braids & hair jewelry! It really makes the braid styles your own & always creates a high fashion ethnic look for any brown girl that wears it!”
VIP Braider Bobbi – IG @bobthebraider
“Some of my favorite braid styles to do are braided ponytails on VIP customers.“
VIP Braider Ashanna – IG @trubraids28
“My favorite style to do is box braids and also think that’s what a lot of clients want and they are in high demand from our clients.”

VIP Hair Braider Bobbi

VIP Braider Bobbi – IG @bobthebraider
“The braid styles I fell VIP customers love the most are the 2-braids and our feed-in styles.“

VIP Hair Braider Jaime

VIP Braider Jaime – IG @donttouchmyhair661
“I think VIP customers’ fave braid style is lemonade braids. I create that style for lots of customers!”

VIP Hair Braider Ashanna