VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply Making a Difference Where It Matters

VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply Making a Difference Where It Matters
At VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply, we believe in making a difference where it matters – our community. To us, community embodies a group of people that have similar characteristics in common. At VIP, we carry ourselves with high esteem knowing that everyone who walks into our store is a part of our community.

I always try to show my VIP beauties at the store what it means to be involved in a dream bigger than ourselves. For me, our Lancaster beauty supply store is about more than beauty and hair products. VIP is also about showing what beauty looks like through love and support of one another.

Last month, fifth grade teacher Kendraa D. James invited me speak to some amazing kids for career day at ILead Charter School in Lancaster, California.

Kendraa D. JamesMy class had career week. I asked my friend Rosalin Coleman to come talk to my students about following their dreams and she said yes with no questions asked!! When I tell you she showed up and showed out! She brought gifts, she got the students so excited, they talked about it the rest of the day! I love you And am forever grateful for the day God set it in motion for our paths to cross! You are a Phenomenal woman. Yep! That’s you!

Rosalin ColemanYour class gave me so much life today!!! This is what entrepreneurship is all about. They are so blessed to have a teacher that’s beyond cool with so many gifts and talents… I mean you swooped right in and began doing hair, teaching. Keeping them focused and all. I’m never surprised when God shows me the purposes why I met someone… this was definitely one of the assignments he had in store for both of us; to make an impact in these youth. I enjoyed this much more than they did. Thank you again for having me. Keep up the great work!!!

I sometimes feel that I have the best job in the world. I help connect people and communities — inside and outside of VIP House Of Hair – by telling stories of how our work has an impact and makes a difference.

In Lancaster, CA, we are fortunate to be connected to our patron community. We work closely with the local organizations, supporting their outreach, volunteering and philanthropy. I’m a cheerleader inside of VIP, encouraging our employees to give their time to support our schools, youth events, and holiday parties which brings the patron community together to celebrate.

Making a Difference, Pay it Forward

We encourage our VIP beauties to pay it forward this month. Whether you’re chipping in on getting your little sisters hair done or opening our VIP door for an elderly woman, remember that we all stand for the same goal!

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VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply Making a Difference Where It Matters