Things To Do On Spring Break To Keep You Entertained

Spring Break Entertainment
Historically, spring break has been about week-long benders spent with old and new friends on the beach somewhere. In fact, expert breakers usually book their flights to Mexico and Florida months in advance.

So, I’m just gonna get to the point here. Spring break has looked a little different the past few years. Even when we think the pandemic is over, there’s a new variant poppin’ in to say, “what’s up”. So, there’s no telling if international travel, or any travel is the safest move.

If the thought of local clubbing makes you feel like a mime, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend the week in bed. Although, you probably could use a little shuteye after all those exams.

There are lots of ways to have a hella fun time that don’t involve getting drunk on the beach and someone having to find you. Besides, being in college means you know how to improvise by now. So, put those skills to life outside college to use.

Practical & Fun Things To Do On Spring Break

From technology like creating a useful app to practical pastimes like learning to cook, we got ideas for you. Whether you’re a rager or rester, you’ll be entertained and happily occupied.

Paint & Sip Spring Break Entertainment

Plan A Paint & Sip Party

If you and your crew are staying in town, swap your nightly takeout and chill with a super cute paint-and-sip situation. It’s really simple. Just gather some canvases, paint, and your drink of choice (aesthetically served in a wine glass, obviously).

Then, pick a living room and let the creativity (and drinks) flow. And, by the end of break, you’ll basically have a collection of custom apartment or door room décor.

Document Small Business on Spring Break

Document Your City’s Best Small Businesses

No matter where you’re spending your time off, you going to need to eat and make sure your hair is fly. In the spirit of making mealtime its own adventure, why not play food blogger and document all of your eats? Small business owners work really hard. After you graduate, some of you will also become small business owners. So, why not play food blogger or best of the city and show appreciation for hair salons, eateries and other establishments you enjoy visiting?

Learn a wig craft

Enroll In A Crafting Class

In the age of TikTok, crafting no longer includes googly eyes and new dance moves. From wig making to crocheting to upcycling your thrift finds, you’ll lose yourself in the crafting corner for the entire week if you aren’t careful. And the best part is that we have all the essentials you need at our beauty supply store. Particularly for the wig making. So, stop on by and we’ll hook you up with all the goodies. Spring break entertainment can be fun and educational. Check out our Instagram to see all the neat things we have in-store!

Road Trip Spring Break Entertainment

Take A Road Trip

If you’re heading to the beach (like every other college kid in America), turn your route into part of the trip. Make an amazing playlist, pile into one car with all your BFFs. Take the scenic route. And plan to stop along the way to see some sites and sample a few diner menus. Just puh-lease get your oil and tires checked before you hit the road, ok?

Black movies

Host A Spring Break Movie Marathon For Entertainment

I’m here to defend Being! A! Total! Couch! Potato! Ok, not really because I work many hours in my beauty supply store. But if you wanna give your veg sesh a more intentional veneer, plan your lineup around a theme. And why not make it meta? In fact, there are a plethora of spring-break-themed movies that are actually quite decent. Spring break movies like Black Spring Break, Spring Breakers with rapper Dangeruss, are just a few of the movies to check out.

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Things To Do On Spring Break To Keep You Entertained