About Texas A&M’s Coach Sydney Carter

About Texas A&M’s Coach Sydney Carter
Coach Sydney Carter is an accomplished basketball player turned coach for Texas A&M’s Division 1 women’s team. Sydney Carter has many passions, but none compare to the one she has for being on the hardwood. Her basketball journey started at Texas A&M over a decade ago. Now she’s back, only this time as a coach, not a player.

Her basketball journey didn’t start in College Station. It began in Dallas, TX at the age of 4.

Coach Syd Carter’s Story

At a local YMCA near her house in Dallas, TX, Coach Sydney Carter started on an all boy’s team. She recalls not dribbling the ball during one of her games. And she thinks she was traveling the whole game too.

Although she didn’t realize at the time, she was hooked on basketball.

Throughout high school, her game improved. She became a contributing member of one of the most legendary groups of women to sport the maroon and white threads. Her four years in College Station provide significant insight for her professional career.

One of the most impactful lessons she learned was discipline. Working hard every day and doing something over and over is what will make her great at it.

What Makes Her So Fly?

Discipline, positive attitude, respect for the game are important to Coach Sydney Carter. But also respect for her players and herself. Style? Well, she has a lot of that. Her players appreciate that Sydney brings a swag side to the game.

Sydney Carter Best Dressed Coach

Fashion has always been a passion of Coach Carter’s, but she never expected her style to break the internet. Overnight, one of her outfits grew her social media following to hundreds of thousands.

She’s always been a leader. One of her favorite sayings is, “I don’t know if I’m ready, but I’m prepared”.

How Coach Sydney Carter Inspires Her Team

Coach Carter is a role model for her players as well as little girls around the world. She teaches them not only how to win the games, but also how to be good human beings. This is accomplished by giving them information about the importance of respect, unity and discipline in teamwork.

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About Texas A&M’s Coach Sydney Carter