The Truth About Hair Shrinkage

The Truth About Natural Hair Shrinkage
Hair shrinkage is the decrease in the length when it dries. And when you mention “shrinkage” to a group of women with textured hair, you’re bound to get feedback. It can range from eye rolls to moans of frustration.

Actually, hair shrinkage has a bad rep among the natural hair crew. But should you really be that mad at it? Let’s discuss.

Natural Hair Shrinkage

Depending on the hair type and hair porosity, curly hair can shrink up to 90%. It’s completely normal and a sign of healthy hair. Plus, for natural hair shrinkage, it’s an indication of good elasticity and proper moisture.

Here are some tips on how to tame shrinkage:

  Choose the right hair products
  Safely harness heat
  Select styles that work with you
  Condition hair with coconut milk
  Embrace it!

Obviously, we cannot change a phenomenon that is a key characteristic feature of curly hair. However, natural hair shrinkage is the main feature of the uniqueness of beauty. Therefore, at VIP we emphasize the importance of shrinkage. As a reminder to all curlies, without shrinkage, our hair would not have its texture and definition.

Natural Hair ShrinkageWhen you have that black girl magic happening, it presents itself in many ways. And hair is at the top of the list. Our hair has the ability to morph like crazy. It can be formed and transformed; going from curly to straight in a matter of hours. While natural hair shrinkage happens in humidity as well as when it dries, once stretch a curl, it goes on forever.

But here’s the thing. You must properly care for your hair when it’s wet to prevent breakage. Because the last thing you want to let happen is your curls drying up in this state.

Lots of people don’t know that Black hair does grow and has a life of its own. Albeit, some hair has a tighter pattern than others, natural hair shrinkage can happen to just about any curl type.

What you should understand though, is that there’s nothing wrong with shrinkage. Our curls and coils are beautiful in any state. So, for those who think shrinkage is the devil after getting your hair damp, don’t trip.

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