Tackling the Coronavirus

Tackling the Coronavirus
Much like our community, we did not think it would come to this. We pride ourselves on activism and engaging with our community. VIP has had a stance of being not just a voice amongst the beauty world but also taking pride in upholding our community and its core values.


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Values that correlate with keeping our children safe is not one we shy away from. The coronavirus disease has reached thousands of households in the last 45 days. As of April 2, 2020, there are 4045 confirmed cases in Los Angeles county.

And, there are 33 confirmed cases in Lancaster and one confirmed death due to the coronavirus. Our city, our home, our community needs our help. What does this mean?

Knowing the facts only helps us gravitate towards solutions. This means that at VIP we are staying diligent and practicing social distancing. Apart from that, we recognize our community still needs us.

Although our regular hours have been put on hold, VIP aims to keep you updated on all things beauty. This will be accomplished through our social media site and blog. It is important that businesses abide by the law until restrictions are lifted on April 19th.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 661-723-0990 to book or speak with someone about a needed product.

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