Summer Is Around The Corner and Our VIP Hair Stylists Are Ready To Slay!

Summer Is Around The Corner and Our VIP Stylists Are Ready To Slay!
We love seeing all the new style inspirations our customers bring in! Summer is slowly creepin’ and the trends are changing just like this crazy weather. We’re constantly seeking the best VIP hair stylists to make sure we cover all areas. Schedules can get tight, but don’t hesitate to still contact us (even if it’s last minute girl) so we can make sure you are summer ready!

No matter what type of hair you have, I think we can agree on one thing – trying to figure out what to do with it in the summertime. Whether it gets frizzy the second the weather girls says it ‘might’ rain or it just lays in the sweat on the back of your neck; it’s annoying. The quickest style we can think of is either wearing a bun or that trusty ponytail most of the summer – and yes, they both get old and boring after a while.

There are so many cute hairstyles for short, medium and long natural hair that our VIP hair stylists can create for you. Here are the latest French braids, colored braids and wig styles. Check out our three hairstyles for black women.

[1.] French Braids

If you’re looking for a new natural hairstyle that will keep your scalp cool this summer, French braids will do the trick. These braids are elegant and easy to maintain. Our VIP hairstylists can create French braids for you that you can style however you like.

French Braids for Natural Black

If your hair is short, no problem, we can add extensions to your braids for black women for longer lasting styles. French braids are so elegant and it’s a pleasant way to not have to struggle with your hair during summer months and give your hair some rest.

[2.] Issa Wigs

Sometimes you just want to cover it all up! When you can’t make the trip to our Lancaster beauty supply & hair salon, you can wear try one of the Issa wigs. You can have the flexibility, comfort and style with lace front Issa wigs.

Issa Wigs

Issa wigs are skillfully handcrafted for a natural hair line to achieve the beauty and style you’ve always wanted. Soft and lustrous hair that you can use your favorite styling tools on. We’re all about helping you get your sexy on! You know we always got you covered girls!

[3.] Colored Braids

Colored braids for box braid hairstyles are one of the most popular protective styling choices for black women. Water activities and sweating can seriously consume your time when it comes to preparing your tresses for the summer weather.

Colored Braids for Black Women

Colored braids for boxed braids is an audacious boho style combination. And don’t forget the must-have products that help keep your styles chic. Visit our braid bar this summer and let us help you get your style on!

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