Prom Season Is Here and So Are We!

Prom Season Hairstyles Black Girls
Do you remember your prom? We sure don’t! But we can recount being a part of so many VIP beauties lives circling their prom events. This prom season we made sure to keep you all in mind! We extended our wig and colored braiding hair selection for you all!

All young women want to look and feel amazing for their prom, and it all starts with gorgeous hair. There are many hairstyles for young black women to choose from that are avant-garde, stylish or effortless.

Prom Season Colored Hair Up Do

Prom Up Do Hairs for Black Girls


Whether you like braids, up dos that adds softness to your appearance, or even a little color – remember, prom is a momentous time and you should make sure your hair is flawless for the occasion. We can create amazing hairstyles for black girls and all young women!

Body Curls

How beautiful is this little princess with her full sewn-in body curls. Just gorgeous! A beautiful style that perfectly frames her face and add-on hair matches her natural hair. The great thing about body curls is that they look for any occasion and can be worn with any outfit. So ladies, you can keep looking beautiful months way after the prom.

Prom Body Girls Black Girls


Perfect Prom Skin

For our beauties more concerned with perfect prom skin, we got you! Our shea butter and selection of creams are running deep in store now! We will be posting (hashtag) prom inspiration on Instagram to help get you going!

I want you beauties to know that 100% premium pure shea butter is your skin’s best friend. It’s a superb moisturizer with exceptional healing properties for your skin.

What look are you thinking of rocking for prom? Maybe a color change? We also expanded our cellophane collection. Pretty much every color of the rainbow is sittin’ pretty at VIP House of Hair.

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