Styling Your Baby Hairs Curly Edges

Styling Your Baby Hairs Curly Edges Hairstyles
Scalloped, soft or swooped, we love curly edges of all kinds. Although not always necessary, edge styling definitely adds unmistakable sleekness and glamour to fav curly hair trends. Think of it as cherry on top of a fabulous hairstyle – face framing and adding textures to your look.

Not sure where to start with your own baby hair? Don’t frizz out just yet. Whether your hair is loose waves, coily or curly, you can create curly edges that take your look from ordinary to Insta-worthy.

Styling Your Baby Hair Curly Edges

If you’ve got very tight, coiled, or kinky hair, our Instant Control Edge & Braid Gel Max Hold is a good product to start with. But we have various brands and strengths of edge control products in-store. So, stop by and we’ll help you choose the best one for your hair styling needs.

Want to see what well-styled baby edges look like? Check out the below photos of beautifully styled curly edges.

Baby Hairs Deep Wave Curly Edges

Deep Waves

Is there anything chicer than a slicked-back bun? Yes: a slicked-back bun with wavy baby hairs that seamlessly transition to your crown, as seen here on @lozvassallo. She shaped the swoops on either side of her head, leaving just a tiny, extra-fine curl just off-center of her part.

Styling Baby Hairs Curly Edges Hairstyles

Half Up, Fully Styled

Curls need love too as show in this natural curls in a tight, half-up pony. Note the teeny-tiny swoops at the edges. They’re just subtle enough, but still impactful.

Curly Edges Hairstyles with Studded Rhinestones

Rhinestone Studded Curly Edges Hairstyles

We can’t name one thing we don’t like about this look. Rhinestones dot the ends of this model’s looped edges. Then, accompanied by zigzag parted cornrows parts. It’s not a look for beginners, but for those up for the challenge, it’s well worth a try. Of course, you know our stylists at VIP can do this, right? Not only that, but we also have the rhinestones and other trending hair accessories to finish your look.

Combed Down Baby Edges Hairs

Combed Down

For the 2021 NAACP Image Awards, Alicia Keys went for baby hair overload. Her edges were gelled down straight all around her hairline. By her sideburns, a little S-pattern wave was added as a welcome contrast to the combed-down section.

Bree Runaway Baby Hair

Swirled & Slayed

Bree Runaway’s baby hairs are slick as a mutha. Her mile-long black hair is styled in loose waves that look soft. But the swirling baby hairs here brings an Instagram baddie-esque intensity we’re so into. What we love most about this look is how the shape of the baby hairs mimic the shape in the waves of the rest of her hair. Do you see that?

Premade Baby Hair

Latticed Curly Edges

No natural baby hairs? No problem. These are pre-made baby hairs that are placed onto her forehead using hair bonding glue. The delicately latticed hairs are anchored by a high genie ponytail. And yes, VIP beauties, you can buy premade baby hairs at our beauty supply store! Plus, our stylists can create your awesome style for you.

Our talented braiders can created all the styles above and more. Book appointment today.

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Styling Your Baby Hairs Curly Edges