Rosalin Coleman, Owner House Of Hair in Lancaster Featured in Media Triumphant!

Rosalin Coleman, Owner House Of Hair in Lancaster Featured in Media Triumphant!
Rosalin Coleman, owner of VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon in Lancaster, was recently featured in the influential online publication Media Triumphant. Humble is the word that best describes Rosalin’s journey. She attributes her success to her mentors who have helped her to avoid many troubles running a business.

Rosalin learned from the best and shares her knowledge of business and life with other young ladies to help them be successful. Being humbled by the experience and passionate about what she loves, her journey as a business owner has been a blessing.

In addition to running a successful business, Rosalin has two beautiful children and it has not always been an easy road – her faith in God is what sustains her and keeps her grounded.

Tell me about your triumphant in life journey through the word humble

Rosalin: Every experience and interaction I’ve had with people since I’ve started my business has definitely humbled me. While my VIP House Of Beauty Supply store was opened in 2014, I actually started on this journey in 1985. I recall purchasing a brief case and putting all my hair bundles in it, then I would visit as many beauty salons as possible each day to introduce my business and products to them. At this time, I didn’t have a storefront and not much money either; this was all very humbling for me and doing it all on faith which was characteristic of how my mother raised me.

I wanted the local hair salons and shops to know that I was here. I would give out free product and when I could afford it, I eventually had business cards made and started giving those out too. The salons and people started to like my products as well as my service and they started calling to buy my products.

What led you into wanting to be in the beauty industry and the dream to own your own beauty supply store?

Rosalin: Well, when I was younger, my mother would do people’s hair in our house. So that was when the seed was planted. As a young girl, I would go with my mother to the beauty supply store and assist her with getting the curl products she needed; the sprays, neutralizers, activators, curling rods, paper, etc. My mother worked during the day and did people’s hair at night in our house to provide for me and my sister.

My mother was a very humble and hard working person. She had very good work ethics. I remember stories she would tell us about when she was a young girl, she couldn’t get an education due to economic constraints and therefore she was expected to work in the cotton fields alongside her family. My mother preserved a cotton boll and put it on display in her house so that every time we enter and exit that cotton boll would be a reminder for us how hard you have to work and how humble you need to be to be successful. So, that’s kinda how I got started.

How did your mother’s work ethics inspire you?

Rosalin: I was laid off my job. I decided, well, now is a good time to focus on my dream of owning a beauty supply store. And, it’s kinda like how stated earlier, going door to door beauty salons and shops introducing myself and products was really humbling for me and I was definitely exhausted at the end of each day. Luckily, I heeded my mom’s lessons about getting an education. But even with my acquired Bachelors and Master Degree, it was still a little frightening now having been laid off from my corporate job and going out on my own, but honestly job were limited in my area and having to commute an hour one way each day didn’t interest me. Plus, I didn’t want to spend that much time away from my two girls.

My mentors were instrumental in helping me to understand that a little fear is good. It can be a driver for great things to come. I really believed in that and started doing to things I needed to do to create what we have today which is a space that when people come in they find the things that they need. The young ladies that I hire from the community are able to work in a professional setting, take care of their families, educate the customers in addition to being educated about the beauty industry themselves and in turn, they give back to the community. The girls that work up front are educating customers.

It’s truly a blessing to be able to live my dream. But you know? I have to plug Nordstrom on my customer service experience. I helped open the Nordstrom’s store in the Mall of America and had the unique opportunity to work directly with Eric Nordstrom. I had principles of customer service, but I learned how to give great customer service on a corporate level from Nordstrom. The customer service principles I learned there have been invaluable to me in teaching the young girls that work here in my store.

In closing, what encouraging words to have for our Triumphant in Life listeners today?

Rosalin: Sure, I would encourage everyone to dig deep and find out what your passion might be, pursue it and don’t let fear, lack of money or lack of knowledge stop you. Just get up and get started because no one ever accomplishes their dream laying down.

Rosalin Coleman, Owner House Of Hair in Lancaster Featured in Media Triumphant!