VIP Of The Month: 71 Year Old Ruby Carter Pikes

VIP Of The Month: 71 Year Old Ruby Carter
Musclemania Fitness Universe Champion Ruby Carter-Pikes has led weekly distance walks around the Lancaster Farmers Market many times.

Ruby credits her fitness obsession to a reaction to a long family history riddled with health problems. Her relatives have always been active. However, a lack of nutritional knowledge resulted in the family eating fried foods. And, meals made with lots of sugar, white flour, and salt.

Ruby Carter Pikes proves that age does not matter. At age 67 she won the ’14 Figure America Masters Division and the ’14 Figure America Overall. She is active in both her fitness and business life.

She says, “I have a genuine passion for transforming lives and teaching about healthy living. I want to prove that age does not defy our efforts or results. Always a beginning, never an ending.”

Bodybuilder Ruby Carter Pikes

The 71-year-old mother of four and great-grandmother’s rock-hard body is no illusion. And, neither are those buff arms, chiseled legs and six-pack abs. Additionally, she’s racked up numerous fitness awards while competing against women less than half her age.

Ruby is a personal trainer, athlete, and rocks the stage in fitness competitions including Muscle Mania. With a strong belief of taking care of your mind and body, we honor this beauty for encouraging healthy living no matter the age!

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VIP Of The Month: 71 Year Old Ruby Carter Pikes