Our Black Dollar, Our Black Voice Matters

Our Black Dollar, Our Black Voice Matters
The past few months have been revolutionizing, to say the least. The urgency to pull-up and open up about racial and social inequality is felt in family units, communities and the world.

We’ve had some polarizing conversations with people in diverse communities to seek being educated and spread awareness.

We’ve shut down the internet.

We’ve turned our money within as opposed to outside our community.

We’ve proclaimed our stance on justice. And it’s been hard. We know and we salute you all.

It’s hard to see and hear racial and societal opposition and still strive to move forward in this vain. This is why you matter. This is why the conversation still matters.

Many companies and societal normalities are and have been broken down in the last two months. The taking down of confederate statues and flags.

Companies re-positioning their importance on diversity to consciously make a wider space of opportunity for brown and black people.

And most importantly, justice being pursued for murders committed.

But still, we have a long way to go. We encourage you all to maintain your stamina, as we fight with you. Don’t get distracted.

We don’t just want charges, we seek full convictions and penalties.

We still seek justice for:

Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Aubrey
Elijah McClain
Tony McDade
Rayshard Brooks
David McAtee
George Floyd

VIP applauds you all. Thank you for your dedication to our community. Thank you for your consistency in supporting us, a black-owned business. Owned by a black mother of two young teens. Thank you.

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