New Year, New Hairstyles & Trends 2021

New Year, New Hairstyles & Trends 2021
The time between Christmas and the New Year is pretty much a blur for some people. And we jumped feet deep into 2021 with open minds. Congratulations to us for surviving 2020!

We’re not expecting a magical transformation in just a few weeks. However, we do have some things to look forward to. With a fresh new year ahead, and hopefully COVID-19 becoming extinct, let’s look at new hairstyles & trends for 2021.

Bring it on 2021! Because with a new year comes the perfect excuse to return to our re-opened VIP stylists. Give them an opportunity to replace our grown out roots. And what about our untamed new growth and lifted lace fronts? Yes, ladies we need a fresh new look. So, we put together a few hairstyles & trends to try in 2021.

Curly Bob & Bang Hairstyles & Trends 2021

Hairstyles & Trends 2021 Curly Bob Bang

The bob is a tried and true style that works across all textures. And for sure, it will be one the hairstyles & trends for 2021. However, this year, the curly side bangs will add uniqueness to this style. This look will be a head turner for spring and summer.

Curly Wigs

Hairstyles & Trends 2021 Curly Wig

Curly wigs are easier to style and look more natural because they blend directly with your own natural hair texture. Plus, while you’re rocking this hairstyle & trend in 2021, you’re also keeping your hair protected.

High Ponytail Hairstyles & Trends 2021

High Ponytail Braided

It’s the high ponytail for us. Ponies are one of the most versatile styles available for long hair. They combine the sporty practicality of a traditional ponytail with the elegance of an updo.

Braided Hairstyles

Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles never go out of style! Box goddess braids add creativity and class to the traditional braid pattern.

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