Neu Baby Hair Changes The Baby Hair Game

Neu Baby Hair Changes The Baby Hair Game
In the quest to have the most laid of ‘dos, many of us wear hairstyles that pull at our hair. Consequently, this causes our edges to thin out.

For others, pregnancy comes for our edges, as does alopecia, stress, hypothyroidism, and iron deficiency. Thinning edges can also be hereditary. But what is one to do when that hair runs for the hills?

Whether you caused it yourself through bad hair practices or it’s from a natural cause, hair loss can be devastating.

About Neu Baby Hair Edges

Investor and entrepreneur, Rahim Baldwin and his business partner may have a solution for thinning edges. Neu Baby Hair, a Los Angeles based company, is the only temporary edge cosmetic tattoo company on the market.

With patent pending their goal is to serve women and men of color. And Neu Baby Hair is quickly emerging as a leading product on social media.

Neu Baby Hair on Instagram

Interview with Rahim Baldwin

We had an opportunity to chat with Rahim on this amazing creation! Check out the interview below.

Can you tell us about the brand you’re investing in, the partners, and what prompted you to invest?

Our brand is called Neu Baby. We offer cosmetic tattoo baby hairs. Edges (baby hair), is a staple in the Black hair community. They’re also popular with other ethnic groups such as Latinos, Dominicans, and others. Having your edges styled after the main hair styling is important in our community. It’s kinda like the cherry on top of the cake.

I had seen seen the product for temporary eyebrow tattoos. So I thought it would be a great idea to do the same for edges. There’s such a big market for this.

How do you apply the tattoo hair edges?

Application is easy. They are applied directly to the skin on the forehead near the hairline as a water transferrable temporary tattoo. You can easily remove them with any alcohol based product and they last up to 7 days with care.

What void do you feel will be filled with invention?

Many women suffer from hair loss due to traction alopecia, thinning edges, hair loss from wearing wigs and extensions, etc. Neu Baby Hair is a great alternative as they are applied to the forehead and not directly on the hair. Plus, they offer versatility of styling hair while growing out and caring for your natural hairline. Additionally, they’re a fun accessory to add to your hairline in general. And can be worn by everyone, regardless of hair type.

How much does your tattoo edges cost?

Our base retail price is $4 per sheet. We offer different multi pack choices with discounted price depending on amount purchased. Also, we offer wholesale prices.

During the month of July, VIP has joined with the #paywhatyourworth movement. All beauties that purchase Neu Baby hair edges will be given a special shoutout on our site! Tag us in your post and #VIP #NeuBaby for a special recognition.

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