Handmade Nigerian Braid Twist Wigs at VIP House of Hair

Handmade Nigerian Braid Twist Wigs at VIP House of Hair
Our handmade Nigerian braid twist wigs are made with high quality frontal lace closure which gives this braided wig a natural look. So, you no longer have to sit 8 hours to get these amazing African twists.

Each wig we sell was carefully crafted by hand to achieve superb quality and durability. Handmade Nigerian braid twist wigs are more durable and realistic than machine-made braided wigs.

Traditional Hair Braiding and Handmade Nigerian Braid Twist Wigs

Hair braiding is a tradition that has been practiced in various African societies for centuries. Across the United States, women from countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, use braiding as a bridge to a better life.

In the 1990s and 2000s, entrepreneurship and braiders’ ability to integrate the style into African American culture exploded. Additionally, it meant braiding was a secure source of income.

Surprisingly, African women do face struggles with hair. Women who are dispersed from their indigenous territories are often uneducated about their hair. For example, natural hair in Nigeria is associated with their economic status. It is sometimes thought that people in reduced circumstances are more likely to have natural hair. This is a bit strange to hear though. Because after all, isn’t Africa the motherland of everything natural and pure?

African Braided WigsThat said, a Nigerian woman’s hair is her beauty, source of pride and strength, like all black women. African American women in the United States are reclaiming their natural hair. Handmade Nigerian braid twist wigs to curly frizzy hair, young girls are encouraged to embrace their natural hair texture.

African Braided Wigs

Over the last 10 years, African braiding has taken a shape of its own. Formally introducing itself in rooms that it was denied access to in the past, people of all colors and hair textures have rocked African braid wigs.

According to professor Cheikh Anta Babou, it is estimated that 70 percent of African immigrant women in the United States are hair braiders.

VIP House of Hair felt compelled to connect with these powerful women. To learn their language through their art of braiding and to help lift their financial constraints became a necessity.

As a result, so many women are willing to share their gifts and talents. VIP House of Hair now has a plethora of handmade Nigerian braid twist wigs. Our African braided wigs range from different styles and textures. Customers can now shop their favorite braided wig locally!

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