Honoring Our Very Own Wonder Woman: “I AM That Woman” Awards

Honoring Our Very Own Wonder Woman: “I AM That Woman” Awards
Jerri B. Shannon created the “I AM That Woman” Awards event to celebrate both women in our community and the importance of connectivity within our community. As a business professional and Life Coach, Jerri is known for impacting lives in both of these areas.

We were so honored to learn that our own phenomenal woman Rosalin Coleman would be amongst the outstanding women to receive an award and speak. Shedding light on all that women are and what we are as a community, Rosalin gave a heartfelt speech that impacted everyone in the room!

Rosalin believes in making a difference where it matters – the community. To her, community embodies a group of people that have similar characteristics in common. At VIP, we carry ourselves with high esteem knowing that everyone who walks into her store.

In fact, she shows her VIP beauties at the store what it means to be involved in a dream bigger than themselves. Her Lancaster beauty supply store is about more than beauty and hair products.

With 200-300 guests, Rosalin met so many inspirational men and women in business that are working in community efforts!

Rosalin Coleman Honored
I Am That Woman Awards

The “I AM That Woman” awards event was a day of panel discussions, awards and Q&A with successful businesswomen. And we discussed today’s trend in business and marketing.

Plus, it was wonderful listening to how these women built their businesses. Although it’s not easy to master family/work balance, these women are doing it. And our very own Rosalin Coleman was amongst them.

Today, it’s difficult providing services and resources to communities while operating a successful business. It was a power day and attendees felt empowered, elevated and educated!

We know that night was full of fun and that it went by so fast. So, to those that we missed shaking hands with, we thank you and cannot wait to reconnect.

On behalf of Rosalin and all of VIP, thank you for honoring our Wonder Woman!

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