Community Thanksgiving

VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply Community Thanksgiving

It’s almost like we can’t really blink our eyes completely before the New Year is starring us dead in the face. This year is going by so fast and we have so many beautiful memories of you all. From young women with alopecia coming to us to find hope in hair again, to our everyday customers that bring us so much joy and light, we thank you. The holidays are just around the corner and we wanted to take the time to mention what we’re thankful for.

VIP Community FamiliesYou. yes, you girl. VIP is made up of community. And community is made up of families. We are so blessed to be a part of keeping our community thriving. Not only do we provide business, but we’re also an outreach for men and women to gain skill sets that’ll take them far beyond our walls. For this opportunity, we thank you.

You are one of our very own treasures. We’re thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving beloveds!

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Community Thanksgiving