When We Give Generously To The Community

When We Give Generously To The Community

When we can give generously to the community, I consider the day EPIC.

On October 28th, we shared our story with Gifford C Cole Middle School in Lancaster CA. It was a great audience of kids and staff. They had the best energy that I’ve ever experienced.

Thank you Ansar Muhammad (Source Program Director) and Spiritual Energy Drisana for the invite and the experience. The photo above are kids and staff demonstrating products given to them and found at VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon.

We MEGA gave afro puffs, edge control, twist sponges, wigs, durags, fingernail polish, braid hair, ponytail bands and more!!!!

When We Give Generously To The Community

The purpose of the Eastside Union School District is to educate all students to develop proper skills, knowledge and attitudes. This toolset teaches students about being responsible and productive. Additionally, students are empowered to succeed ethically in a democratic society.

The school district supports and enhances opportunities for all students.

Purpose gives students a long-term compass that keeps them on track. Everyone has goals and goals are important, especially for students. That includes getting their homework done, getting good grades in school, getting along with their teachers and their peers.

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