$1.49 Braiding Hair At VIP!

$1.49 Braiding Hair At VIP!
You heard it ladies. We have $1.49 braiding hair at VIP! While braiding hair isn’t hard to come by, sometimes it just not the textures you need. Also, sometimes you’re on a strict budget.

And when hair is needed to complete protective styles, a sale like $1.49 braiding hair at VIP comes in handy.

Summer heat isn’t the only thing May is bringing. Adding some dollars back into our beauties pockets with our must-have deals is our goal this month!

So swing by, DM us, call (661) 723-0990 or text for details on our May hair deals.

Have you picked out your style and secured your appointment? Great! Then, there’s only one thing you have to take care of. Choosing your braiding hair. And with all the different brands out there, it’s a bit overwhelming. How do you figure out which specific hair you’ll need to complete your protective style?

Well, most braiding hair brands use synthetic hair. This means the hair is made up of man-made fibers instead of real human hair.

There’s also human hair for braiding. Plus, certain styles like box braids look really nice when human hair is used. Of course, it’s a bit more expensive than synthetic hair.

When it comes to synthetic hair though, you should make sure its high quality. And kanekalon hair fits this requirement. Not only is it smoother and softer hair, but it’s also less irritating that other synthetic hair types.

Yeah, we know. Focusing only on kanekalon hair reduces your braiding hair options a bit. But there are still a plethora of picks to choose from.

But luckily, you’ve got us as your guide. Obviously, as a beauty supply store, we know all the ins and outs of braiding hair.

With that in mind, we got you covered with $1.49 braiding hair at VIP this month. Plus, there’s so much more hair to see when you stop in.

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