Celebrity Hair: Who’s VIP Trending?

Celebrity Hair Styles
We haven’t talked about celebrity hair or given props to any celebs that have been trending in the VIP House Of Hair. A hair appointment ain’t just an appointment at VIP. You get the latest tips and tricks on what we know keep those in the limelight fly. From beautiful trims to long box braids, these celebs have been giving us life on the ‘gram! So, this article is about the latest happenings for three of these celebs.

Sanaa Lathan Shaves Her Head

Celebrity Hair Cuts

Sanaa Lathan recently shaved her head for a new role. Every VIP girl is beautiful and Sanaa is beautiful with or without hair. When you see her new movie Nappily Ever After it’ll start to make sense why she cut off all her beautiful hair. She plays the lead role of Violet Jones; a woman with a live-in boyfriend, a stressful job, and a what most people would say is a perfect life. But after an accident at the hair salon, Violet realizes she’s not living life to the fullest. She starts to realize that maybe surface-level appearance just isn’t that important.

Taraji P Henson

Celebrity Hair Beauty Products

Taraji P. Henson completely dominates her lead role as Cookie Lions in the TV series Empire as co-owner of what seems to be the largest music company on the planet. Taraji prefers the natural look as oppose to full makeup and wearing her natural hair. She does confess to wear hair extensions to protect her hair due to her many roles. But then, what celeb or the average girl for that matter doesn’t wear extensions from time to time or have at least thought about it. One of Taraji’s favorite shampoo brands is Aveda which we also stock at our beauty supply store in Lancaster.

Solange Knowles Blonde Braids

Solange Gets Blonde Braids

If you’re looking for hairstyle inspiration girls, you can usually just check out the latest do Solange has. Her dramatic bleach blonde braids freaked out a lot of her fans, but we think she looks hot! Each time she seems to outdo herself with her unique protective styles or her own fabulous texture. There’s no predicting what she’ll come up with next – she might roll up on the ‘gram next week with sleek ombre curls or beautiful high ponytail. Remember her killer tapered blond afro? That was hot too, wasn’t it? Her hair is so healthy and full of volume.

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Celebrity Hair: Who\'s VIP Trending?