4 Poppin’ Men Braids Hairstyles for All the Bros

4 Voguish Men Braids Hairstyles for All the Bros
Men braids are setting the stage for a new page in history for men hairstyles. It involves interlacing three or more strands of hair together – that’s it. And the best part is that they are not gender specific. Besides, braid styles can be complex or simple, and quite artistic. Plus, they are an extremely practical protective style, and you look stylish at the same time.

So, men, whether your hair is thick or fine, we can weave some braids into your ‘do for a fresh, voguish style. Men wearing braids is an age-old thing. Brawny, manly men, so why not join the movement.

Do Men Braids Look Good On Short Hair?

Want a braid hairstyle but you have short hair? Well, to achieve awe-inspiring men braids hairstyles, your hair should ideally be a certain length. However, even if your hair is short, you can get thin, small braids. But, you should know that takes extraordinary skill to pull off a braid style if your hair is only a few inches long. And, this includes even trying to do tiny braids.

Check out these 4 men braids styles for your next voguish hairstyle.

#1. Men Braids with Long Cornrows

If you just want to have fun, men braids with long cornrows could work for you. Just put a small section of your hair into braids. Check out the photo below for ideas. As you can see, cornrow long braids on top while the bottom features a net undercut.

Braids For Men

#2. Men Top Knot Braid Bun

This men braided hairstyle has zig zag parts and braids styled in a top knot bun. Plus, the bottom undercut lends a really chic look for this style.

Braids Hairstyles For Men

#3. Braided Mohawk Hairstyle For Men

Men who aren’t interested in the traditional mohawk hairstyle can achieve this look with braids. Get inspiration from the photo below. Braids on top, clean bottom undercut, and back hair is uncut and not braided.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle For Men

#4. Braids and Ponytails For Men

Men also wear braids that are tied up and end with a ponytail. The hairstyle in the photo below features an undercut and two braids with the ponytail on top.

Men Braided Hairstyles

Thinking about a new summer hairstyle? Men braids make people look twice. Plus, they are stylish, chic, and manly. Give us a call today at (661) 723-0990 to book an appointment. Or come see us!

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4 Poppin\' Men Braids Hairstyles for All the Bros