What VIP Hairstyles Will Spark in 2020?

What VIP Hairstyles Will Spark in 2020?
It’s a new year. How exciting to start fresh again! With that in mind, feed-in braids anyone? Or how about sew-in ponytails? It’s hard to choose which VIP hairstyles will spark in 2020.

This year will be all about revamping old styles.

We can’t think of any salon that does it better than VIP when it comes to making the old new again!

Our VIP customers have been loving up-dos and feed-in styles as of late! And we plan to continue to slay in this area.

Not sure if VIP feed-in styles will spark in 2020? Well, here’s what they are.

Feed-in braids use a method that gives the illusion of natural, full braids by “feeding in” synthetic hair with your natural hair. It goes beyond the start of your hairline. With regular cornrows, each braid is started with a knot to mix your hair with the synthetic hair.

The versatility of natural hair is amazing! You can have so much fun with countless black hairstyles.

Our 2020 go-to style will be feed-ins and sew-in ponies. Of course, this list will expand as we journey deeper into the year. For now, here’s a little inspiration to get you all excited about your 2020 appointments!

Feed-in Braids
Half Braided Hairstyle

The ombré highlight is here to stay. And one of the most popular color combos for winter is the warm reds, purples or blues.

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when bone-straight hair was only welcomed on high-fashion runways. You might have seen a soft wave here or there. But natural, tight curls (on models of color, at that), were a rare occurrence.

But there’s still more progress to be made regarding Fashion Month diversity as a whole. For now, the strides are becoming more noticeable, coil by coil.

Obviously, embracing or enhancing what we naturally have will always be in. But if the top runways were any indication, we’ll be doing the absolute most in the New Year. That means that instead of throwing on a headwrap, you might weave some fabric strips into a braid or bun instead.

And those box braids you love getting because it cuts down your get-ready time? Ah yea, we’re embellishing those with beads and barrettes, too.

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