VIP’s Sistas Of Urban Lit Book Club

VIP's Sistas Of Urban Literature Book Club
Who else is getting their read-on in 2019?! We are recruiting 10 lucky girls to be a part of our Sistas Of Urban Lit Book Club. The club’s theme is urban literature (fiction/non fiction), but other genres will not be excluded. Girls will learn how to articulate thoughts, finish a book, network, socialize, build friendships and sisterhood.

Want to donate? So many people have inquired about blessing our club! Donations information is below.

Books donations can be sent to:
Vip House Of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon
44245 10th Street West, #104
Lancaster CA 93534

Our Sistas Of Urban Lit (SOUL) book club will offer you and your daughter a way to share books, experiences and feelings together. In addition to helping you talk with your daughter about important issues. It will provide an enjoyable and easy way for your daughter to develop many literacy skills.

Additional Book Club Benefits

Some of the benefits of VIP’s Sistas Of Urban Lit (SOUL) book club include:

  Give you a push to the finish. We all have heard that books are mental food for the brain
  Decrease stress
  Gain new friends
  Gain new perspectives
  Get involved with the community
  Boosting teamwork skills
  Helping you better your own writing skills

The Sistas Of Urban Lit (SOUL) book club is formed out of love for our community. We believe when we read, we not only revel in a good plot, but marvel at the turning of phrases, the clever vocabulary, the way that imagery can bring us inside a text.

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VIP\'s Sistas Of Urban Lit Book Club