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Crochet Hair Style
We hope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day! We wanted to wait to post because..well..we were busy lerkin’ out celebs and socialites hair-do’s for lovers day.

We got in some great additions to our crochet hair snag! Here are just a few styles you can create with our selections.

Shoulder length crochet braids
Curly bob crochet hair style
Long layered crochet hair style twists

Protective styles like the crochet hair style is trending as more people are loving the natural hair look. Crochet hair style is a good way of resting your hair and yourself from constant hair manipulation, not to mention being able to catch a few extra z’s in the morning because your hair is already styled.

But don’t forget you still need to take care of your natural hair underneath those braids.

Look After Your Hair Underneath Crochet Hair Style

We are sharing a few tips here to taking care of your hair underneath your crochet hair style. You want your hair to be clean and fresh, right girls?

1. Get a Spray Bottle
Use a spray bottle to shampoo and condition your braids. simply dilute a small amount of shampoo, conditioner or moisturizer with water and spray it onto your scalp. Don’t forget to rinse your hair after applying.

2. Moisturize to Prevent Dryness
Your scalp will become dry under your crochet hair style. To prevent

To prevent your natural hair and scalp from becoming dry under your crochet hair style, spray a good water-based moisturizer onto your hair and scalp. To seal in the moisture and stimulate hair growth, massage your favorite oil onto your hair and scalp.

3. Cleanse
You’ve spent a lot of time and money to get that gorgeous crochet hair style and you certainly would not want anything to cause you to remove them before its proper time. So to prevent itchiness from product build-up, make it a weekly practice to use a spray bottle diluted with shampoo and spray your scalp.

4. Use a Satin Scarf or Pillowcase
Sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear a satin scarf. This helps to not only protect your natural hair, but extends your crochet hair style!


If you’re thinking about trying a crochet hair style, come see us! Call us at (661) 723-0990 or request an appointment online.