Unique Feed-In Braids Ideas

Feed-in braids are one of the countless hairstyles that celebrities all over the globe sport with dignity and pride. It’s not just celebrities wearing them, the everyday person wears them also.

You should be ready to distinguish them from the popular soft locs and other similar styles. This braid style are all about the added length to your natural locks. The synthetic extensions are added as your hair starts to be braided into a cornrow. There are no knots to tie the implemented tresses with your own. The volume builds up naturally.

The Feed-In Braids Style Name

Feed-in braids are a kind of plaited hairstyles. The braid is built with extensions from the ground up instead of just installing the extensions. So, this is a practice of “feeding-in” bits of hair to the main braid to grow in size progressively. And it prevents your edges from excessive tension caused by too thick extensions. You can experiment with all sorts of vibrant hues being feed into the braid.

Difference Between Feed-Ins and Cornrows

The difference is in the method of braiding. One piece of hair is added for cornrows, a knot is made at the beginning of plaiting, and everything is braided to the end. While making feed-in braids, a braider adds synthetic hair several times, and without a knot at the beginning.

How Long Do Feed In Braids Last?

In general, this braid style last only up to two weeks. With some tricks, you can make them last up to 3 weeks.

Types and Styles of Feed Ins

Polished Ponies with Feed-Ins. A sleek genie ponytail isn’t reserved for loose strands only. You can easily feed in braids ponytail and sport the elegant yet daring style on regular basis. Don’t be afraid to play around with highlights and casual patterns to enhance the effect.

Loose Feed-Ins. Unlike in the case with butterfly locs, you can mix and match the feed-in braids with other styles you like. For instance, the half braids half sew in will grant you an opportunity to show off your long tresses in the manner you like most.

Double Feed Ins. Another trendy style that many ladies choose to sport this season is 2 feed in braids with designs. While the idea seems perfectly mundane and casual, the outcome will take your breath away. All it takes is to find a skillful stylist to make your dreams come true.

Classy Feed-In Cornrows. f you want to stick to the basis and start with something universal yet stylish, you may want to test the designs that feed in cornrows come in. Loose curls on the outcome are one of many great directions to head in. Besides, there is always room for a creative cornrow pattern to be introduced.

There are literally tons of other styles and patterns that can be done with feed-ins. Book your appointment today or come visit our beauty supply hair salon.

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Unique Feed-In Braids Ideas