The 411 On Braid Hairstyles: Do They Make Your Hair Grow?

The 411 On Braid Hairstyles: Do They Make Your Hair Grow?
Braid hairstyles don’t directly make your hair grow faster. However, these styles can help nurture and protect your hair. Thus, making it stronger and less likely to break. To understand more about hair, let’s first look at how hair grows.

Did you know that you’re born with all the hair follicles you’ll ever have? And about 100,000 of these follicles are on your head. Hair grows when blood in your scalp goes to the follicles and supplies oxygen and nutrients. This process helps the hair roots beneath the follicles grow longer.

Braid Hairstyles and Hair Growth

Although the above is true regarding oxygen and nutrients for follicles, weak hair can still break. Consequently, this will prolong the growth process as older hair continues to break off. Or even if it’s cut off because it has become dried or frayed.

And this is where braid hairstyles come in. Braids can help protect the strength and moisture of your hair. As a result, your hair is healthier as it grows.

Hair Braids VIP House of Hair

Not sure how to keep your hair healthy to optimize growth potential? Here are some go-to VIP tips!

  1. For buildup just around your hairline. Wipe with warm moist washcloth. Then, rub oiled fingers along your hairline to keep your hair moisturized.
  2. Co wash and shampoo your hair with diluted shampoo. Pat dry with a towel or old soft shirt. When the water is no longer running down your face and neck, seal with oil.
  3. Place a spandex wig cap on your head. Blow dry with a bonnet dryer or hooded dryer. After water has stopped dripping, run oiled fingers over hair and parts.

Wearing braid hairstyles for extended periods of time without re-braiding is not recommended. However, braid styles can be worn longer than other protective styles if taken care of.

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