Rocky Robinson Black American Princess Now at VIP

Rocky Robinson Black American Princess Now at VIP
Euphoria overcomes us when we think of our first barbie doll. We felt enormous amount of confidence to have a play item that looked like us. Plus, we could reenact scenes of our day with her as we grew up.

Thanks to Rocky Robinson we can now witness this event as it closely more relates to us. And to have a doll that empowers your kiddos to build self-esteem through look and haircare.

What is Rocky Robinson Black American Princess?

Rocky is an engaging, energetic Black American Princess doll. She was created to be a role model and trusted friend to Black girls (ages 4-11) and their peers. This precious princess doll encourages girls to be at their best. She also empowers little girls to love themselves both inside and out, flaws and all!

Her personal motto is ‘I will!’ It sparks her spirit of volunteerism and imagination to wonder who she can be in her family. As a Black American Princess, she also ponders what she can achieve in school, community, and even the world!

So, embrace your own unique confidence and determination. Rocky Robinson will motivate all with her Girls.Rock.Life motto to unleash your wonderful girl power.

Rocky Robinson Products

From haircare to online games, Rocky has it all! With a heart for Black girls, the mission of this online destination is to provide exciting experiences for Black girls. This website provides the latest music, fashion and personal care trends for Black girls. But not just that, it’s also a safe setting hosting tools, games and content to help girls.

Here are a few things little girls learn from Rocky:

  • Build self-esteem
  • Realize their individual talents
  • Be encouraged to explore education
  • Use their dreams to imagine career options
  • Learn more about responsible personal conduct
  • Discover ways to respect themselves and others
  • Understand the value of personal achievement
  • Grow their leadership skills

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