Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Care
Your kids won’t be the only ones getting’ schooled this Fall. Education is so important, and here at VIP House Of Hair & Beauty Supply, we want our VIP Beauties to be in the know in every aspect of haircare. For many, hair care needs change with the season and the switch up is necessary. No matter how you go about your seasonal hair rituals, here are some VIP hair care reminders to keep your hair from actin’ up.

Wear protective styles often
Protective styling keeps your hair shielded from drying air and over manipulation.

Wash more than you don’t wash
Think about this: unless you walk around wearing a hat all day long, your hair is subject to dust, dirty air, grime, and pollution. You wash your body every day — right? While you shouldn’t wash your hair every day, it needs to see some water more often than once a month.

Wash your hair once every 3-4 days
Water is the only thing that can truly moisturize your hair. Try not to go longer than a week without at least a conditioner rinse.

Deep condition your hair regularly
A thick cream-based conditioner, hooded dryer and plastic cap = magic. These things are your best friends when you realize what they do for your hair.

Take care of your scalp
Hot oil treatments every 2-4 weeks ensure a healthy nourished scalp. VIP’s Organic castor oil stimulates hair growth and a few drops of tea tree oil keeps flakes away.

Trim your hair when it needs it
Having a set trimming schedule isn’t necessary. Clip your ends when they need it and leave them alone if they don’t.

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Natural Hair Care