Let’s Talk Crimped Hair: Everythang At VIP

Let's Talk Crimped Hair: Everythang At VIP
Crimped hair is making a huge comeback at VIP! Hair crimping adds waves in a zigzag manner. Usually, a crimping iron is used. But you can also achieve crimped hair by using your handy flat iron. Especially for natural hair to minimize damage.

This 80ish crimped style gives volume and texture to hair while still looking feminine and mellow. And this popular look makes your ‘do appear sexier, edgier, and thicker.

Whether flying loose and light or pulled into an updo, crimped hair adds volume to your tresses. By crimping your hair, you can immediately update your style. Plus, you can spend as much or as Little time as you want putting your new look together.

In the meantime, check out these crimped styles below.

Crimped Hair
Crimping Hair
Hair Crimping
Hair Crimping

Above all, crimped hair is the edgy trend for VIP Beauties. Back in the 80s, this style was part of ‘bigger is better’ trend. It added another level of volume. Every strand stood out to give you that cool new texture to your look.

In the 90s, hair crimping continued to be a big deal. But it was more associated with girlish and feminine looks because it was paired with accessories and hair highlights.

So, to complete this look, VIP has added crimped hairstyles and accessories in-store! Swing by, call or dm us for details. In the meantime, check out these crimped styles below.

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