Innocence EZ Crochet Hair Review by VIP House of Hair Blogger

Innocence EZ Crochet Hair Review by VIP House of Hair Blogger
I’ve worn crochet extensions for the last six years. Why? Primarily because it’s easy and has helped my hair growth significantly (along with rice water). More so, it’s a confident protective style that I have a lot of trust in.

Braids never gave me the hair growth experience I was looking for. Weave extensions were not an option. Well, it’s not protective enough. And, I really don’t see myself taking more than 5 minutes a day to do my hair.

So, I stuck with the crochet look. I started off with twist loc crochets in my mid-twenties. It was the thing a lot of young women leaned towards at the time. A good mix between “I want twists and locs, but don’t have time to sit for hours” kind of vibe.

EZ Crochet Deep WaveThen, I transitioned to Jerry Curl Crochet Hair and fell in love. It was low maintenance and also natural enough so If I didn’t maintain it at all it still had an organic feel to it.

The only love, hate relationship I had with buying Jerry Curl crochet hair is that the length I needed wasn’t sold at VIP. I dabbled between VIP and a few other places, always checking back in at VIP for updates. And then the brand of Jerry Curl I’ve worn for years was discontinued last month. I ran to VIP immediately!

Being a content creator for the store gives me some perks in that I’m able to stop in and hang for hours checking out products. Instantly, I remembered seeing the brand Innocence on Ros’s desks a few weeks ago.

The always informative VIP girls helped me find it within minutes and we all picked out colors that worked. For $5.99 a pack, I purchased 5 packs of 2B and 2 backs of 1B/30 along with curl activator.

Needless to say, It’s been two weeks and I’m in love with this hair! The consistency of the curls stay in place. And it has less shedding than the Jerry Curl brand I used to wear. Also maintenance is low. I do cut frizzies off daily as a precaution. Also, I use a Wet ‘N Wavy curl activator with it.

Long story short, go grab it! It’s less expensive than other crochet hair I’ve come across and is a perfect combination of young, chic and sexy!

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