Holiday Hairstyles For Black Hair

Holiday Hairstyles For Black Hair
Tis the season for all things sparkle. From holiday hairstyles to exquisite, over-the-top party dresses. For my awesome women of color, it’s time to go the extra mile. This holiday, try out some of these gorgeous hairstyles. They’re guaranteed to command a room, or at least turn heads.

The holiday season is here. And after a year of restrictions, people are excited to have a little more social freedom. Of course, that means get togethers, events, and parties.

In this post, I’ll share several beautiful holiday hairstyles you can try this season. With the different styles, textures and lengths, you should be able to create something beautiful. If not, our stylists can replicate any hairstyle. Even better, they can create a one-of-a-kind glam holiday hairstyles just for you.

Holiday Hairstyles For Black Hair

Curly Puff with Bang Holiday Hairstyles

This is a rich, natural and deep curl style. We recommend either rollers or flexi rod sets. First, shampoo, deep condition and moisturize your hair. Next, curl your hair with either choice of rollers or rods. While twisting on the rods use a styling cream to define your curls. If you’re not sure which cream to use, just call our store for assistance. For the final step, remove the rods and style to your liking. Hair accessories can be this style also. Just choose the best options for the occasion or type of event you’ll be attending.

Natural Mohawk Hairstyle

Natural Mohawk with Brooch

The brooch adds elegance to this style, doesn’t it? Worn short or medium length. You can always add Marley hair to a natural mohawk style if you want more volume or length. And for the finished look, add an equally satisfying accessory like an elegant brooch or exquisite flower.

Kinky Bun Holiday Hairstyles

Elegant Natural Bun Holiday Hair

Let’s all bow to this beautiful queen. Adorned with a stylish, antique headband, this natural bun is empowering. If you don’t feel confident you can pull this off, we have the products to do the job. From hair accessories to hair extensions of all types and texture, you’ll be the Bella of the ball this holiday. And this is definitely one of the more feminine holiday hairstyles for natural hair.

Our holiday stylists can help you achieve the looks above and many more! Request appointment online or visit our beauty supply store for all your natural hair care needs.

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Holiday Hairstyles For Black Hair