Dreadlock Crochet Hair at VIP!

Dreadlock Crochet Hair at VIP!
Dreadlock crochet hair is very popular amongst many cultures. This crochet method has been a growing topic in the hair industry for many years.

Albeit, some people say it breaks natural hair, others claim it’s the best thing since slice bread.

In this post we will briefly about crocheting dreads. Also, how you can get instant dreadlocks using the best method at our salon.

About Dreadlock Crochet Hair

The crochet dreadlock uses a very small crochet hook to install or maintain dreadlocks. This technique is not to be confused with latch hooking.

This method has been around for well over a decade. However, it has not been widely recognized by the hair industry as an effective way to install dreadlocks.

At VIP, we do it all! Here are some pros to this hairstyle:


  • Instant dreadlocks. You don’t have to wait months or years to grow your hair out.
  • The locs are stay tight consistently.
  • You can wash hair or go swimming immediately afterwards.
  • Works for 99% of hair types and problems.
  • No products are necessary for upkeep.
  • Often less painful than twisting or interlocking.
  • You can attach extensions without using strings.


  • Dreadlock crochet technique is very difficult to learn properly.
  • Can damage hair if not style not preformed correctly.
  • Difficult to find experienced professionals who do quality work without damaging the natural hair.

Braided Extensions

Despite the lack of this method in salons, it is growing in popularity and we’re very pleased about that. At VIP, our stylists are experienced with crocheting dreads.

Request an appointment today or come visit our salon for more information.

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