Bringing Back Hair Clips: Trend or Bust?

Bringing Back Hair Clips: Trend or Bust?
The word on the street is the girls are bringing back hair clips. Beauty icons like Jayda Cheaves and Ariana Fletcher have been setting the tone with their fashion forward hair and looks.

Would you be down to try hair clips in your next look? If yes, we got you covered at VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply. The newest trends have been set by the experts, and the girls have spoken.

Welcome in the new year with a vibrant color and a new style. Since our store is fully stocked, you won’t have any problems finding what you need like semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes. Our most notable hair dye brands are Adore and Manic Panic.

If you’re not sure which hair colors to choose, our staff is up to date on the latest hair trends, including hair colors.

Below is our staff member Jordan. She is a Lancaster native and is passionate about all things beauty and fashion. Here at VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply, we value women who can help you make the right hair product choices.

VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply

Visit our beauty supply store in Lancaster for an awe-inspiring in-store experience! And don’t forget to follow all of our handles to stay current on the latest trends.

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Bringing Back Hair Clips: Trend or Bust?