All AV Graduates: We Salute You!

All AV Graduates: We Salute You!
As employers, we want our newest graduates to attain the skills necessary to fill the positions demanded by a very sophisticated workforce.

We are proud of the 5,000+ Antelope Valley community graduates. Whether you’re from a charter school, high school, or college. We salute you for realizing your goals of completing this phase of your education.

For each student, each proud parent and friend, graduation is a special event and the culmination of many years of effort. For each teacher, counselor and administrator in the district it is also a memorable occasion and a proud fulfillment.

You see, your real education starts the day after you get your diploma. From this point on you start making decisions. They won’t be easy.

Going to college or a university? Great! Do you have the money for it? What school? What courses? What are your goals? It’s all up to you now.

You’ll hear phrases like “follow your dreams” or get a high-paying job. It’s easy to tell others how we want them to live their lives, or offer advice.

Graduates have been told to go for trendy career choices or at least find themselves a fun job. But today’s young people can see through that kind of simplistic advice. There’s evidence that today’s graduates agree that a life with a genuine purpose is one which will bring about the maximum satisfaction. Not accumulating the biggest bank account or the biggest house.

These days the choices remain a lot more with the young person as opposed to a path delineated by those of an older generation. In some ways that can be scary and there can be uncertainty as the initial steps are taken.

Each of us has the potential to find that worthwhile purpose in a life’s effort. Graduation is a good time to define and shape the goals and the direction that will get you there.

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