African Royale Hot Six Oil

African Royale Hot Six Oil
We don’t typically post about oils but girlllll! This African Royale Hot Six Oil is amazing. What we love most about it is that its multi-purposeful. Some customers use it for hot oil treatments while others use it as a skin moisturizer, bath or nail oil!

African Royale Hot Six Oil is made from only all natural plant herbs and oils with no animal fat or animal oils.The special light formula goes in hair, skin, scalp, and nail cuticles easily and without a heavy oil buildup. Leaves your hair light and well-conditioned.

Some of our VIP Beauties with naturally curly hair use it on their hair ends to combat. This really helps to combat frizz.

African Royale Hot Six Oil is One of the Best Oils Made

Many customers with textured hair know, this is hands down one of the best natural oils to use on hair. Used as a sealant, it gives the hair a beautiful shine and softness.

Those Beauties with nine weeks post relaxers find that this oil really helps to maintain their hair moisture. It also makes it easier to comb through the new growth while in between relaxers.

A little goes a long way, so the value for the price is amazing! For a lustrous shine, just use a little on your hair in the morning before you head out.
There are so many uses for African Royale Hot Six Oil. Here just a few:

 Combats frizz for naturally curly hair
 Makes a great hot oil treatment for hair
 Works as an excellent moisture sealant for hair and skin

Why African Royale Hot Six Oil is Our Product Of the Week

 A little goes a long way, making it a great value for the price
 It can be used on hair, skin, scalp, and nails
 Made from all natural ingredients and it’s paraben free
 It’s light weight so won’t weigh down your hair
 Leaves your skin and hair super soft
 It has a nice black cherry smell

Quick tip: Make sure to use Got 2 Be Glue as a light-weight hold that will not damage hairline under lace fronts.

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African Royale Hot Six Oil