2018 Top Three Hair Whys

Hair Transformation
Typically, a new year calls for the old self to be swept away and begin fresh and inspired. So many VIP beauties have been transformed by the renewing of their look and minds this past year. Whether inspired by a celebrity-go-to or a big hair transformation, shedding the old self for a better you is always a VIP must-do.

Who inspired you last year to be a better version of you? For us, it wasn’t a “who” but a “why”. We were so inspired by women that had profound reasons as to why they felt it pivotal to transform their looks.

Tamar Braxton, for example, threw away her blonde wigs, frontals and wraps because she felt they kept her in a state of bondage.

Tamar Braxton

“I’m over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell…even my OWN feelings!” [she captioned a subsequent selfie.] “WE can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that starts TODAY”, states the star.

Sanaa Lathan, another go-getter we love and adore, chopped off her do after being cast in the Netflix series “Nappily Ever After”. The show is a portrayal of a successful black woman who aspires to have it all. Sounds relatable, right? Synonymous to her character, Lathan also went through a phase of wanting to feel free.

Sanaa Lathan

“It was kind of a perfect time in my life to do it,” she said. “I have a lot of hair, and it’s thick. I was just so over it”, Lathan proclaims.

Keke, are you with me? We cannot forget about our girl K. Wyatt. Just a year ago, Wyatt cut her hair in honor of her child who was battling cancer. Showing support and courage inspired everyone at VIP that anything is possible.

Keke Wyatt

To our VIP Whys, thank you for inserting something in us that we were able to give to each VIP customer; a picture of total transformation.

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2018 Top Three Hair Whys