Get Effortless Curls with Janet Collection Yoyokalon Elastic Curl Hair

The Yoyokalon Elastic Curl Hair by Janet Collection has an open loop design for easy installation and creating super quick crochet braid hairstyles. You ladies on the go are going to love this curl hair!

This pre-curled and available in 3 curl thicknesses; Tall 20″ (small curl), Grande: 20″ (medium curl), and Venti 20″ (large curl). You can get effortless curls Yoyokalon Elastic Curl Hair without the use of harsh chemicals or spending hours curling your hair with a curling iron. And guess what? Even the you won’t end up with these luscious curls.

Yoyokalon Elastic Curl Hair Product Description

There aren’t many products on the market today that offer such versatility in a protective hairstyle and at such a reason price.

These are the most sensational twist you’ll have! The different tightness of coiled curls are designed to take you from a layered twist out to the most stunning curly fro! You’ll be turning heads and the fav Insta hair diva plus the most popular Pin!

Our synthetic pre-curled textured Yoyokalon Elastic Curl Hair comes ready to attach for easy crochet installation. The natural texture is designed to match your virgin hair with ease for a classic look that was made for the unyielding crochet braid diehard who wants to rock crochet curls with confidence!

 Easy and quick crochet styling
 20 pre-curled curls per box
 Never comb or brush curls
 Only finger detangle
 It is recommended to sleep with satin protection
 If necessary, trim curls

Every VIP Beauty that sits in our chair gets the VIP treatment! Our stylists execute to the best of their ability and leave you looking flawless! VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply has this! Come get the easiest crochet install!

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