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VIP Crochet Hair Style Watch

We hope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day! We wanted to wait to post because..well..we were busy lerkin’ out celebs and socialites hair-do’s for lovers day. We got in some great additions to our crochet hair snag!Here are just a few styles you can create with our

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Decide your style and let VIP do the rest!

We don’t brag much but we have to give it up to our VIP Braid Bar gals! They can execute any style idea with ease! How are you styling your braids? Are you keping it simple and sleek? Or are you going all out? Keep tagging us

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Braids of the Day: STYLES THAT SLAY

Just in case yall thought our Braid Bar WASN’T poppin! Our VIP Braiders can accomplish any braid look! Swing by VIP before we’re booked for the weekend!

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Black history: Women, HEAD WRAPS & BACON GREASE

Without the combs and herbal treatments used in Africa, in the 1800’s slaves whose hair was not cut off relied on bacon grease, butter and kerosene as hair conditioners and cleaners. When slaves were captured, their hair was cut off, in order to begin the process of

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Black History and Hair

Happy Black History month VIP beauties! We’re using our platform to pay homage to hair and beauty guru’s, community leaders and more! If you know anyone that is #blackexcelllance in the beauty and VIP community tag them on our page! Stay tune for updates! Don’t forget to

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